In industrial the world today, the age of modern industries is very short due to fast technology development. Therefore, recent modern technology will be outdated after a couple of years and will be treated as traditional practice. To keep up-to-date with technology, all the world industries are struggling and scrambling this cycle for the sake of integration and synchronisation. Shahdineh Aran Company (Jey industrial town) had established a company in 1997 where currently is the largest producer of glucose, gluten, and starch from wheat. Its shareholders decided to establish a new company with new and up-to-date technology, hence, they founded Shahdineh Aran Hasht Behesht Company with the aim of producing fructose syrup from corn. Currently, we have expert and experienced staff and it is hoped that with the will of God, support and efforts of the working staff and up-to-date knowhow, we can have an effective role in developing and promoting our dear country.