بنر محصول

After removing starch and other components from the corn, dewatering protein is obtained that is called gluten, which can be mixed with shell and other materials of the corn to dry it up. This product is mainly used to be the protein component of animal diets, where in this case, the drying must be done with fibre components. However, its value as an energy source and high protein feed also justifies its separate production.
Depending on commercial basis, this product is sold with protein content of 60%.

Usually, its analysis is as follows:
- 69% protein on a dry weight basis
- 19% starch on a dry weight basis
- 3% oil on a dry weight basis
- 10-12% humidity
The nutrient of this powder is very high and decomposition takes place about 55 percent slowly in the rumen of the animal and up to 90 percent is absorbed in the guts. Amino acids such as glycine, lucien, phenylalanine, valine, and tyrosine of this material in animal plays a significant role in tissue growth. This product is one of the best sources of protein which can be added to the feed for livestock, birds, aquatic and is a perfect alternative to soya and fish powder. cellulose, starch and oil are the other ingredients in this feed. When compared to corn itself, this product has higher ability in digestion and higher energy in its metabolism. Also, Gluten is an excellent source of carotene and xanthophylls. Xanthophylls is a yellow material that is related to vitamin A that makes the product very useful, especially the main components of poultry feed and it can also be effective in meat and egg yolk.

Consumer benefits:
* Increase and maintain milk production in high-producing cows
* Palatability of the ration and milk production odourless in compare with fish meal in the similar rations
* Diversity in livestock and birds ration
* Metabolism energy and high digestibility (1 kg Gluten = 6 kg Corn)