بنر محصول
Corn oil

The purpose of the initial grinding corn is the separation of seed components (Bud, Crust, and Endosperm) from each other. Bud is an important part that is considered as a valuable lateral material in corn starch extraction industry. Corn oil is the most valuable by-product that is obtained from corn and due to its unique features, it has led to widespread use in the food industry. Lack of cholesterol and high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids are the advantages of corn oil. On the other hand, its Triglycerides contains fatty acids and Linolenic which are essential for the human body. First, the bud should be released fully with the least amount of crunch from corn which is to be sent to the next stage. Then, the isolated buds in this stage are entered to the next stages for washing, dewatering, drying and packing. Finally, they are prepared to be sent to oil extraction section. Bud has 50 to 58% fat, 14% protein, 10% crude fibre, 8% starch, 3% ash, 5.3% water and 4% other ingredients.